Lost Lake Woods Club is a private, member owned, family resort and gated community located in Alcona County, in the northeastern region of Michigan's lower-peninsula. Founded in 1926 and consisting of more than 10,000 acres of prime land featuring five lakes, a Private 18-hole Golf Course, an 84-site campground, 52-Room lodge with dining and banquet facilities.

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The Board of Directors as a body appoints members to standing committees, as described in the bylaws. 

The President of the Board of Directors designates directors to serve as liaison to all committees established by the Board.  Liaison directors of non-standing committees select the committee chairmen, who in turn select their own committee members.  Committee chairmen of the standing committees are elected by their members annually at the first meeting of the committee.

The Board of Directors shall appoint members to the standing committees during the Board of Director’s meeting in December.  Committee terms run from January 1st to December 31st and if a vacancy occurs on a standing committee, the Board of Directors may appoint a new committee member to fill the balance of the unexpired term.


Applications for positions on all committees are required by November 15th and the applications for non-standing committees will be forwarded to each chairman.

No standing committee member may serve more than two consecutive terms, and shall be ineligible for appointment to that standing committee for a period of two years following the second successive appointed term.

No two members of any one “immediate family” may serve concurrently on the same permanent committee.

Two unexcused absences by any committee member in the calendar year will result in dismissal from the committee with a replacement appointed by the Board of Directors or non-standing committee chairman for the balance of the term.  An un-excused absence is the failure to attend a scheduled committee meeting without just cause, as determined by the committee and/or without notifying the committee chairman in advance.

A member who is not in good standing or who is on probation or suspended may not be appointed to or remain on any committee.  The vacated position will be filled for the remainder of the term by the Board of Directors or the chairman depending on the committee.

Lost Lake Woods Club is accepting Applications from potential new members.  We would be happy to arrange for a tour of our facilities. Simply contact Ian Dockrill at: (989) 736-8197.